Brilliant analysis: Zimbabwean ruin looms large as SA land reform kicks into gear

By Andrew England of the Financial Times
Posted on February 24, 2015

Black South African commercial farmer Motsepe Matlala inspects the maize growing on his farmModern Zimbabwe is a reminder of how critical for South Africa to get its ‘land reforms right. It is well documented how Mugabe’s botching of land reforms turned a bread basket of the continent into a place where famine stalks behind every rainy season. South Africa faces a greater challenge in terms of scale and divergent claims. In this brilliant analysis published in the Financial Times of London this morning, Andrew England looks at the issue from all sides. Examining the conundrum of keeping land productive while reversing obvious injustices without rewarding rampant opportunism. Those charged with
solving this complex problem require the wisdom of Solomon – and dollops of maturity and humility. – AH

On the surface, Alfred Mahlangu and his brothers look like a success story of post-apartheid South Africa. One year after the end of white rule in 1994 he and his siblings sought to forcibly reclaim land taken from their forefathers around 1920.”