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Agri Western Cape Policy Committees

Rural Safety Policy Committee

Focuses on matters relating to the safety of farmers, farm workers and the rural community.

Natural Resources Policy Committee

Focuses on matters relating to producers’ needs for sustainable natural resources and its preservation. Click on the heading to access the Online Environmental Services Portal

Labour and Social Welfare Policy Committee

Focuses on matters relating to the rights of both the employer and the employee. Click on the heading for more information.

Commercial Policy Committee

Focuses on all matters that influence the economic and profitable functioning of farms.

Transformation Policy Committee

Focuses on matters that may impact on agriculture and to see that transformation is sustainable and economically viable.

Communication and Image Building Policy Committee

Focuses on building a consistent, positive and high-impact media presence for the agricultural sector.

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The need of Western Cape producers to manage their common interests by means of an organized structure, stretches as far back as 1807 when the first agricultural association was established. Over 200 years later, organized agriculture in the province is still standing strong.

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