AWC Simplex Radio Frequency

Agri Western Cape had a simplex radio frequency registered with ICASA to empower farmers with a means of communication that is not dependent on power supply or cell phone reception. The system will allow farmers to call for help wherever they find themselves within the Western Cape. Although the system has its limitations and the environment will determine the range of communication, any high-frequency radio, regardless of brand or model, will be able to communicate with other farmers in the area on the registered channel. Agri Western Cape would like to encourage all farmers in the Western Cape to have the frequency installed on their radios, thereby establishing a strong online communication network where they can support each other in emergency situations.

According to Louis Wessels, Manager: Legal Services at Agri Western Cape, who has been driving the process in establishing this initiative for two years, the final approval of the licensing was very good news.

“Agri Western Cape knows how critical reliable and effective communication is during an emergency – especially in rural areas where farming communities are left vulnerable due to the current power crisis. Rural safety will always be a priority for Agri Western Cape and we hope that this radio communication network will promote safety.”

Users are encouraged to request their service provider to programme the Agri Western Cape frequency on their high frequency radios. The following details can be provided to your service provider:

Simplex frequency: 150.0375 MHz (Tx) / 150.0375 MHz (Rx).
Tone coding: 123.0

Service providers are urged to keep record of the people on whose radios the Agri Western Cape frequency is programmed.

For any enquiries, contact Louis Wessels at: