Foreign workers: state and employers have a responsibility

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The situation that took place in Robertson between seasonal workers from Zimbabwe and Lesotho can not only be placed on the shoulders of agriculture, but is also an issue that needs to be addressed by the Department of Labour and Employment and Home Affairs.

According to legislation, all foreign employees must have the necessary, legal documentation and Agri Western Cape asks that all employers stay on the right side of the law.
“The appointment of illegal workers cannot be justified, but agriculture is not responsible for the policing of illegal workers. The draconian legislation implemented is not contributing to the solution,” says Jannie Strydom, CEO of Agri Western Cape.

Strydom says the scale of the problem is much greater than the employment of illegal workers, and actually starts with illegal foreigners moving freely through South Africa’s borders, and settling themselves in the country.

“As an organization, we ask for guidance regarding the verification of documentation, but that these solutions be practical in order for agriculture production to continue. The agricultural sector has been asking for guidance for the past two years, and there is still no workable solution.” Agri Western Cape once again requests that all relevant role-players work side by side to address this enormous problem.